An Overview of Wrongful Termination and Examples at the Workplace

Labour laws govern employment, and employers need to follow the legislation when terminating employees. Also, the agreement between both parties will guide the way the process goes. Some circumstances like the breach of contract will necessitate the employer to terminate employment immediately.

Other times there might be other reasons you get fired, but it may not warrant the move. If that happens, you need a wrongful dismissal lawyer like  Ball Professional Corporation to help with the case. First, you will need to gather the evidence to support the claims and have a complaint with the ministry of labour office. Once the State authorities complete their investigations, you can file a lawsuit to seek remedy for the termination. Below are examples of wrongful dismissal claims;


Discrimination can happen at the workplace and may contribute to employment termination. It is against an individual’s right to lose a job due to discrimination because of disability, religion, race, or pregnancy. Also, wrongful termination can happen due to age. You can find the younger employees getting special treatment while older workers get harsh punishments for disciplinary actions.

The workplace should be an equal place for people regardless of their age, race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. Therefore, you should hire a wrongful dismissal lawyer to get you the remedy you deserve when terminated due to discriminatory reasons.

Sexual Harassment

An environment where managers and supervisors sexually harass junior employees at work is hostile. The law protects against the actions. You should file complaints with the authorities if sexual harassment is the cause of your termination. In addition, a qualified and experienced wrongful dismissal lawyer can help you get compensation o the damages. The legal experts can ensure the employer reinstates you and pay you for the period you have been out of work.

Request Valid Compensation

When an employer makes you work overtime or undertake tasks outside your job description, it is right to ask for compensation. However, your payment requests may cause the management to terminate your employment. The move amounts to wrongful dismissal, and you have a claim.

The legislation allows workers to request payments on overtime and other tasks outside their contract without their employment being in danger. There is protection by law against employee termination when they ask for compensation for the additional hours they work. You will need the employment contract and records of payments or time worked to support the claims.

Employer Retaliation for Whistleblowing

The workplace needs to be safe, and it is essential to report any issues that may make the environment unsafe. Still, a State authority might be investigating such matters and require individuals to give their input. Suppose an employer terminates your employment when you participate in the investigations or act as a whistleblower for violations. In that case, you have a claim against the employer, and a wrongful dismissal lawyer can assist you with the lawsuit.


The labour laws are there to protect employees from exploitation and violation of rights. So, when you have a valid claim for wrongful termination, it is best to seek legal help to ensure you get a suitable remedy.

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