Areas of Law a Trusted Lawyer Can Assist With

Did you know that there are many areas of law that trusted lawyers in Melbourne can help you with? Law infiltrates all areas of life, from business and property to personal finances and family. So naturally, there are lawyerswho can assist you each of these categories of law. Read on to find out more.

 Business Law

When you have a business, it’s vital that you find good lawyers in Melbourne to steer you through any legal issues that come up. You might need to create contracts with employees, suppliersor clients, and if so, you’ll want your business lawyers to help you in this process and make sure that the contracts are beneficial to you. Business lawyers can help you with a number of issues, including business purchase, business sale, company insolvency, shareholder agreements, franchises and trademarks, to name just a few.

Debt Recovery

If you have outstanding payments owed to you – either because you’re a business or due to personal loan agreements – lawyers in Melbourne can help you recover lost money. Having a lawyer contact the debtors in question sends a serious message that you mean business, and helps you get your money back more quickly than if you were to try to handle things on your own. You can save time and money chasing debtors unsuccessfully by allowing experienced debt recovery lawyers to handle the issue for you.

 Family Law

If you’re going through a problem relating to your family circumstances, it can be a very stressful time. That’s why you need lawyers in Melbourne who can give you the right advice and support to make the best decisions in your situation. While it’s not necessary to have lawyers represent you in family court, it is advisable, as experienced lawyers will have the knowledge to avoid blind spots which you may not know about as a layperson. This is especially important when the outcomes of family court proceedings can have such dramatic effects on a person’s life. For this reason, it’s best to find family lawyers who can help you through this time.

 Property Law

You can also asklawyers in Melbourne for help with property law, which can be anything from commercial leasing and building disputes (residential or commercial) to conveyancing, mortgages, off the plan contracts and property litigation. Each of these categories has a variety of sub-topics involved, so if you’re in doubt as to whether property lawyerscan help you with your property conundrum, contact a reputable firm to see what they say.


Litigation is best avoided if possible, and that is why manylawyers in Melbourne will first try to reach a desirable settlement through means of mediation. Litigation is a costly process in both time and money, and it should only occur if there is no other option available. Having said that, if you must go through litigation, make sure you find reputable lawyers in Melbourne who can represent you and lead you through the litigation process with confidence.

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