Bringing a Family Member to the UK? Online Solutions Can Help

If you are living in the UK and would like a member of your family to come and live with you, there are legal procedures involved, and prior to making any official request, it is wise to seek out the help of a specialist lawyer. There are many situations that might result in the need for a family member to join you in the United Kingdom, and here are just a few examples.

  • Bringing your Child – If you are settled in the UK, and wish to have your child join you, this can only be possible if the child’s parents are both residing in the UK, unless the parent can demonstrate evidence to highlight the need for the child to be with their UK residing parent. If the child has only one parent, who is currently residing in the UK, then it is possible to apply for the correct visa to allow the child entry into the country.
  • Bringing your Partner – If you wish that your partner joins you in the United Kingdom, the following categories are accepted:
  • Husband or Wife
  • Same Sex Partner
  • Unmarried Partner
  • Fiancée

One should contact an experienced solicitor to handle the application, and there are qualified immigration lawyers in London, for example, who can help you to put together a convincing case for the immigration authorities to consider. Since the Brexit vote to leave the EU, UK immigration has tightened up considerably, and without the expert advice of an experienced immigration solicitor, one runs the risk of the application being refused.

  • Bringing an Elderly Relative – In the event the elderly person is solely financially dependent on a settled person in the UK, they can make an immigration application. There must be no immediate family in their home country who could support them, and in such a case, the application is usually granted. There are online solutions in the form of experienced lawyers who work solely on immigration issues, and with their help, the relative should be allowed to enter the UK.
  • Asylum Seekers – If a family were separated, and some of the family members were repatriated in the United Kingdom, the surviving family members can apply to live in the UK with their family. This law applies only to children under the age of 18, or spouses who were part of the family prior to the separation. As with any immigration situation, asylum is a complex issue, which is why it is advisable to contact an experienced immigration lawyer, who can advise you of the law and help you to put forward a compelling case that will hopefully result in the person being granted asylum.

There are established legal firms that specialise in a range if UK immigration applications, and by talking to them, you will soon know exactly where you stand, and hopefully, the lawyer can facilitate an agreeable outcome that results in the family being reunited.


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