Challenges In Filing LTD Claims- Understand them to Overcome them

If you are thinking of filing an LTD claim, it is important to understand the whole procedure beforehand. This is because the claim may get denied or reduced depending on the mistake in your form. That’s why it is always a good idea to contact a nationwide long term disability claims lawyer. He has experience in dealing with these claims and can guide you better on what to follow and whatnot. Some of the common challenges faced by a person looking to get the benefits are explained below:

Passing the deadlines 

Not everyone is aware of the fact that these products come with certain deadlines to follow. If you don’t file your claim within that period of time, you will be denied the claim completely. The time is calculated from the date of the disability. So, you should act fast and contact an attorney when you find out that you won’t be able to go to work.

Contractual reasons 

The benefits may be denied due to some clauses in the claim. For instance, if a person has a pre-existing condition, the insurance company may assess the condition and consult the expert. Based on the facts, the claim can be denied. Your attorney can assist you with the right information and even speak to these companies on your behalf to get you what you deserve. If you have already received the treatment for this condition before buying LTD insurance, your claim will be refused.

Lack of evidence 

All benefits from LTD come to you if you submit valid proof. If you fail to do so, you are likely to get your claim rejected. To get the benefits, you will need to submit medical reports, statements from a qualified doctor, treatment received and any other supporting documents. Some of the useful documents include blood test reports, X-rays and CT scans. With these documents, you can prove the extent, nature and severity of your medical condition.

No assessment of the medical condition

If a person is suffering from chronic pain, lower back pain and any other condition that cannot be determined with X-rays or scans, the insurance company can deny the claim. This is because these conditions are self-reported and cannot be documented after assessment or visualized in any report. To know more about them, it is suggested to read the conditions that qualify for LTD beforehand.

If you want to get the LTD benefits well in time, you should always have a lawyer on your side.

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