Cheating as the Cause of Legal Separation in California

Marriage is an institute that is based on deep trust between two people. When adultery is committed, it violates marriage and can be a legal ground for Legal separation in California. It is worth noting that there is usually a hard push towards cheating. However, it may give your partner an upper hand while filing for divorce. Here are ways that cheating can lead to the breaking of a marriage:

Breaks the trust

Initially, it is stated at the beginning that marriage is built on trust. When cheating happens, though, it may seem like a single moment. It makes you feel like your partner is a stranger, and you cannot confide anything in them. When you had previously trusted and loved your partner, it all goes in a day after the cheating happens. Unfortunately, after the first incidence of cheating, more might follow. This will make even the tiniest sediment of trust disappear like mist amidst humid air.

Strengthens underlying marital issues

When a cheating incidence comes to light, more underlying issues emerge. Most cheating partners will automatically defend their actions while blaming their partners. When more issues surface, the foundation of the marriage is shaken. After that takes a short time for the marriage to get a dissolution.

Guilt feeling

After a partner has been caught cheating, they may use reasons to make the situation go away. The worst-case scenario is when your partner has wholly trusted and loved you. When they choose to forgive you, they leave a burden of guilt on our shoulders. This may affect you to the point of letting your partner go.

Cheating as revenge

When one partner cheats, there is a chance that the other will be led by the pain to cheat. This is a destructive measure since you did it in full knowledge of the dangers impending. When you cheat following your partner’s incident, it is the worst mistake as you confirm the partner had no mistake. This breaks the marriage further.

Feeling of rejection

When one partner cheats, the other partner is left with a feeling of rejection. This feeling can lead to a lack of intimacy in a marriage that will give your marriage more trouble. It is contrary to the promises and vows made on the wedding day when cheating happens. This feeling can easily lead to stress that will soon attract depression.


Cheating makes partners in marriage angry about the action. This makes the marriage very unstable and also unlikely to survive leads to the separation. When you are angered, you find everything about the partner angering. This leaves no chance for the marriage to survive, thus ending in divorce.

 In the case of a cheating partner in a marriage, it creates uncertainty in the family and the home. The feeling of guilt or betrayal is not the best to live with. This will lead to divorce right away. And since it is widely accepted as a ground for divorce, the court will grant it out rightly. However, it is important to have evidence if the suspected spouse denies the act.

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