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If you’ve been injured as a result of a slip or fall you need to speak with an experienced Chicago slip and fall lawyer. Your first course of action is to ask questions on the legal process of assigning liability.  This isn’t a cut and dry process. There are misconceptions about this type of personal injury being easy to win.  Keep in mind there are three parties involved in this accident.  The first is the injured party suffering with the pain and shouldering the early out of pocket medical costs.  Next, the property owner generally has insurance to protect against law suits.  And finally the insurance company assessing the evidence provided by the injured party’s legal defense.


Increasing the chances of winning a settlement is possible! The fault needs to fall to the property owner for failing to provide reasonable precautions.  A Chicago slip and fall lawyer will prove the cause of the fall was due a dangerous condition.  The property owner carries the burden of fault, when the condition causing the injury is pre-existing and hazardous.  Fault may include the failure to post attention to the conditions at the location.  A third component needs to prove the fall and the injury could have been avoided.

The lawyer will structure the case evidence based on the type of the slip and fall.  Did it happen on ground covered with ice or other substances?  Was it an old stairway that failed to meet building safety codes?  Or did the accident occur on a floor without the proper caution signs?  Evidence needs to include photos of the site immediately after the fall.  Previous maintenance records showing notices to repair or post warnings of the condition are strong influencers for winning the case.


The skill of an experienced lawyer is going to make the difference. The facts for personal injury in court must show the property owner at fault.  In cases with large amount of doctor bills, insurance companies are more willing to settle.  The amount of settlements takes into consideration the recovery costs.  These costs include potential income loss, medical treatment and health therapies.


As a victim, a Chicago slip and fall lawyer will defend your rights.  You have the right to sue and collect damages as a result of negligent actions.  You also need to realize the amount of time, money, and work that goes into these personal injury cases.  Most lawyers offer a free initial consultation – it cost you nothing but time to ask questions.

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