Child Sexual Abuse – A Key Social Issue

Child sexual abuse is a very important and serious social issue that we must give the due importance. It is a serious problem that is present in both the developed world as well as in third world countries. Child abuse victims often develop serious mental disorders which take away the right of living a normal life. Recovery can be very difficult after experiencing an abusive incident. The society has to find some answers to this prevailing issue in order to ensure that it can prevent this heinous crime.

It is important to understand the various concepts that are attached with this issue. A common problem that we observe is that of silent victims. This is due to a variety of reasons as an event of child sexual abuse can be very hard to share with a parent or an elder one.

The Perpetrators

People often get so lost in describing the conditions that lead to sexual abuse that they forget that no matter what, the blame lies with the perpetrators. There is no way to justify a crime against a child, who is not capable of fighting back. There must be programs to educate people that perpetrators are always wrong and there is no way that they should be given reduced penalties in the courts.

Child sexual abuse can only be prevented if there are open programs for victims which may allow their reintegration into the society. These victims should be allowed to come out of their fear and share their stories so that it gives courage to a current victim to come forward and point the finger without worrying about the consequences.

Informed Consent Does Not Imply Here

Children cannot be responsible in any way for a child sexual abuse incident. Informed consent cannot apply if an older takes advantage of them by using any means or method. A minor person cannot give permission to an elder person about sexual contact and the sole blame remains on the perpetrator of the sexual contact.

Child-Parent Relations

Parents need to have open relations with the children. They must give confidence to them regarding all matters of life. Parents must also give importance to what their children tell them. Children are smart and can detect if a person approaches them in a questionable manner.

If parents are more responsive towards their children and understand the hidden messages in their communication, they can surely identify a possible child sexual abuse situation and help their children stay away from it.

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