Creation of a law firm website: Zoom on David Donat in Mulhouse

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David Donat, located in Mulhouse, Alsace, France, is a law and personal injury firm advising corporates, financial institutions and governments. His core businesses are in corporate, finance, dispute resolution, and the development and financing of assets in the energy, resources and infrastructure sectors. Based in Mulhouse, David Donat has now a website created by Mars Rouge, a digital and advertising agency also located in Mulhouse. With the race towards dematerialization, law professionals also need visibility on the web. The stakes are twofold: succeed in making their work better known (or making their work known to a broader public) and assisting people with legal issues. Today the creation of a website has become indispensable for a lawyer. Zoom in on David Donat, your trusted lawyer in Mulhouse.

David Donat, your lawyer in Mulhouse, Alsace

Based in the heart of Mulhouse, David Donat is a lawyer whose working relationship is based on trust and a good knowledge of legal records. With proven experience in the field, he is a multi-disciplinary lawyer who accompanies you in the treatment of multiple cases: divorces, dismissal, problems between associates, sharing and succession, business taxation, commercial litigation, drafting of fiscal lease, contract of employment, etc. Working with individuals and businesses, David Donat operates in several areas of law: labour Law, administrative law, family law, civil law, criminal law, business law, banking and corporate law. In the realization of his website, the challenge was to highlight a recognized expertise in Mulhouse and surrounding area.

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A website developed by Mars Rouge

Based in Mulhouse, but also present in Neuchâtel in Switzerland, Mars Rouge is a global communication agency founded by Julien Di Giusto that assists you during all phases of your digital project. Whether you are a liberal professional, a company or a community, enjoy a qualitative design of your website, in the best current standards on the Web. Since 2012, Mars Rouge has been distinguished by its digital creations, some of which have been awarded for their originality and attractiveness. In the realization of the website David Donat, your multidisciplinary lawyer in Mulhouse, Mars Rouge has wagered on the responsive design, a criterion now indispensable to attract Internet users. As a multifaceted digital agency, Mars Rouge created also visual identities, content management tools, press relations campaigns, corporate films, etc.

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