Dangers of Driving While Intoxicated

Drunk driving not only puts your life at risk but also endangers the lives of other road users. When you count the cost of drunk driving, you’ll see that it’s not just worth the trouble. This post looks at why you shouldn’t drive after you’ve had a few bottles. Let’s dive right into it:

Increased chances of causing accidents

Alcohol-related accidents results in loss of 10,000 lives every year in the United States alone. One out of three road accident deaths is linked to excessive drinking and driving. The worst part is that even the sober drivers using the road aren’t safe due to the negligence of drunk drivers.

Further statistics indicate that drunk driving is the number one killer of youths aged 24 years and below in the United States. A driver with high alcohol concentration in the brain, 0.1 blood alcohol concentration, increases chances of causing a road accident by 10 times. If the alcohol content in your blood gets to 0.15, then you are 25 times likely to cause an accident as compared to a sober driver.

Legal penalties and ramifications

The US law is explicitly clear that drunk driving is a crime punishable by law. Even if you were so lucky to avoid getting involved in an accident, chances are high that you’ll be pulled over by the police. When that happens, you could be in for serious legal consequences.

If the police pull you over on grounds of suspected impaired driving, you’ll be asked to perform several field sobriety tests. If you fail these skills that gauge your judgment and motor skills, you’ll be charged with Either a DWI or DUI. At this point, you should contact an experienced Mankato DWI attorney for legal counsel.

DWI is an abbreviation of drinking while intoxicated while DUI means drinking under influence. If you’ll have a higher BAC content than is required by your state, that too could attract more penalties. Your first prosecution could lead to withdrawal of your driving license up to one year. You might also be put on probation or required to attend a special alcohol abuse program.

A DWI will attract stiffer penalties including jail term, mandatory alcohol treatment, and complete withdrawal of your license.

Besides the legal penalties, you also stand to lose a great deal. For instance, the attorney fees, storage fees and legal fines. Depending on the specific circumstances, you might be compelled to incur extra costs for DUI driver training.

Other consequences of drunk driving include poor decision making and judgment, lack of coordination, slowed reactions and decreased vision. With all these, it’s very easy to make an irrational decision that could lead to death and destruction of property. You could even be maimed thus enable to live a fun and fulfilling.

Parting shot

The risks and dangers involved in drunk driving are far worse than the benefits. It’s not just worth the trouble. There’s no need to endanger your life and those of the passengers and other road users. Being brave is putting the safety and wellbeing of others before your own interests. Make the right decision by avoiding drunk driving.

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