Digital Marketing Strategies For Lawyers: Who Is Your Audience?

First, the persona is nothing more than the personification of your ideal customer, your target audience. There is nothing more important than knowing the customer you want to win. You may have heard the terms “avatar,” “prospect,” or “target audience,” which are the same thing, representing your ideal client.

Each company can have several “avatars” or different segments within its audience. Each service you sell also has different avatars, as different services attract other people.

As digital marketing which can be done by for instance comprises many different disciplines, content marketing, email marketing, paid traffic, social media, copywriting, websites for lawyers, SEO, metrics analysis… and the list goes on…, each of these disciplines has its own set of skills to master.

But identifying the customer avatar is one of the skills necessary for all digital marketing disciplines. Any part of your marketing and sales process will improve when you define your customer avatar.

When you clarify his characteristics, it’s much easier to find him and present the right message that drives him to action.

Think of an existing customer who is perfect for your business. Build your avatar around that person. Study the customers you already have. It’s guaranteed they have something in common. After that, if you wish, pass the information to a digital marketing agency like for example for lawyers, which will assertively direct the communication to this audience, taking advantage of the advanced artificial intelligence algorithms of the available tools.

Your Customer’s Journey

At its core, businesses are straightforward: customers pay for products or services to move them from an undesirable “current state” to a desirable “after state,” so you need to master this Transformation from the previous state to the last state of a way that will connect with your customers.

So always focus on the Transformation.

You must understand your client’s path before making a contract. It usually follows the stages below:

People get to know you or your business through personal relationships, recommendations, advertisements, Google searches, or social media.

The person is interested in your service consuming its contents, engaging in your social networks, watching your videos, etc.

The person starts to trust you, perceives your authority on a specific topic, and decides to leave the contact or send a message.

The person begins to consider that your service solves some problem, desire, or need for it.

The person decides to become a customer.

The person likes your service and starts promoting your brand.

To build your audience-building strategy, you should think about these phases and create content for each of them, always thinking about what message you will send next.

Success in building conversion-focused audiences involves creating a system where campaigns are set up at different sales funnel stages to move the person forward in their relationship with you to become a promoter of your brand.

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