Do You Have a Slip and Fall Claim in New South Wales?

Public liability claims can originate for a various reasons. That is why you need to speak with a law firm that handles these types of claims. For example, you may be entitled to public liability compensation if you have slipped and fallen in a retail store, sustained injury on a road due to a pothole, or was hurt from a product you used at home.

Receiving Compensation: What You May Be Entitled To

If you feel you have a bona fide case and have been hurt, you need to speak to a lawyer immediately. You can set up a meeting for a free consultation before you proceed with a claim. If you do receive compensation for a public liability claim, you can receive the settlement in several different ways.

For example, money may be disbursed as follows:

  • A lump sum payment may be made to cover the client’s past and future medical costs, or the expenses related to rehabilitation.
  • A lump sum payment may be given to a litigant for any prior or future loss of income or superannuation.
  • A lump sum payment may be paid to cover pain and suffering.
  • A lump sum payment may be remitted to cover past and future care needs, including payments for such expenses as home modifications or a wheelchair.

Reduce Your Financial Burden

As you can see, you do not have to undergo such financial burdens when you are injured in a slip and fall accident or similar occurrence. By taking your case to public liability lawyers, you can make sure that all your care needs and expenses are met.

Meet with a Lawyer Today

You do not want to waste any further time in contacting a lawyer, as preparing for a filing involves several steps. Usually, it takes more than six months to initiate a filing. Therefore, set up a consultation now to make sure you case is heard. Once you meet with a lawyer, he or she will carry out forensic investigations for damages.

During this part of the process, solicitors send experts to doctors and medical specialists for document collections. Such documents cover pre-existing health conditions and the injuries associated with the mishap. Next, research is conducted to obtain any CCTV footage, statements from witnesses, and accident reports.

Determining the Damages

After this phase, solicitors set out to establish a diagnosis. Legal specialists review all of the related medical records to determine what damages to include in a claim. You will also need to sign a statement that asserts your position on damages and liability.

The statement details the client’s recollection of the events surrounding his or her public liability claim and how the accident has affected his or her life. Lawyers do not serve this statement on the defendant in the case.

After the above steps are completed, lawyers draft court paperwork so the proceedings can commence. If a case presents some issues with respect to an argument, counsel may request a conference with the claimant. Finally, the pleadings are filed in the proper court.

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