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Getting the Best Legal Help When Facing Professional Fitness-To-Practise Disciplinary Complaints

Representing medical and dental professionals need a specialist approach. Being accused of a criminal offence can negatively impact a professional’s peace of mind. Any professional investigated under the supervision of a regulatory body becomes vulnerable to the involvement of other agencies including the police.

Healthcare professionals such as doctors and dentists have disclosure duties that could have an impact on how fit they are for their practice. If they have been notified by General Medical Council (GMC) or General Dental Council (GDC) relatively that they are under investigation for professional misconduct, they will need a strong defence case to protect their professional status. This is the reason they have to work with a lawyer who fully appreciates the impact of an arrest on them. Also, they have to be advised by regulatory lawyers who specialise in criminal law.

When will the Councils Investigate?

Different bodies and individuals may file complaints to the GMC or GDC. These can include employers, patients, police and colleagues. The councils review the complaints they got and will take further the complaints that raise concerns on the professional’s fitness to practice. The fitness to practice of a doctor or dentist can be impaired because of professional misconduct, lack of skills or knowledge, criminal behaviour and a serious health issue. Once impaired, the councils will impose sanctions that include suspending the professional’s registration, adding conditions to their registration or removing them from the register.

If the councils’ investigation finds out that there is a possible risk to the public, they are likely to initiate an interim order tribunal hearing that can suspend or restrict a medical professional’s work while still under investigation.

Legal Advice on Both Regulatory and Criminal Allegations from One Firm

It would be beneficial for medical professionals to work with solicitors who can help them on both regulatory and criminal allegations. Defence lawyers at Blackfords LLP have represented dentists and doctors at each level of the medical and dental profession that include A-level students who have university offers for dentistry and medicine, practising dental surgeons as well as senior hospital consultants.

Specialists at the firm can help at every stage of the disciplinary proceedings of either the GMC or GDC, from drafting a response to the councils after the professionals have been notified of a complaint to giving advice on how the outcome suits the investigation. Expert representation if given to clients involved in an interim order hearing.

Help is Available for Clients in London and Beyond

Blackfords LLP is headquartered in London. However, any doctors and dental professionals in the UK can get the right legal help from the firm. A website example announcement has made it clear how medical professionals from various parts of the UK can get access to the services of their fitness-to-practice defence team.

Blackfords LLP understands that there is plenty of stakes for doctors and dentists who face professional disciplinary proceedings. This is the reason they work hard to protect their clients’ rights and reduce the effect on their personal and professional lives.

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