How do I Increase my VA Disability Rating with a VA Attorney?


For veterans who have sustained injuries or developed medical conditions during their time of service, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides disability benefits to help support them in their civilian lives. The VA Disability Rating is a critical factor in determining the level of compensation a veteran is entitled to receive. However, many veterans find that their initial disability rating may not adequately reflect the true extent of their impairments. In such cases, seeking legal services from a VA attorney can be a crucial step in increasing their VA Disability Rating and securing the benefits they deserve.

Understanding VA Disability Rating

The VA Disability Rating is a percentage assigned to veterans based on the severity of their service-connected disabilities. Ratings can range from 0% to 100%, with higher percentages representing more severe impairments. The rating determines the amount of monthly compensation and additional benefits a veteran receives.

Reasons to Consider Increasing Your VA Disability Rating

There are several reasons why veterans may consider increasing their VA Disability Rating. Firstly, as medical conditions worsen over time, the initial rating may no longer adequately address the impact of the disability on the veteran’s life. Secondly, some conditions may not have been properly evaluated during the initial claim, leading to a lower rating than deserved. Thirdly, new conditions may have developed post-service, warranting a reevaluation.

The Role of a VA Attorney

A VA attorney from Vetus Legal LLC specializes in veterans’ disability benefits and is well-versed in the complex regulations and procedures involved in the claims process. Their primary goal is to advocate on behalf of the veteran and ensure they receive fair compensation for their service-connected disabilities. They can offer valuable guidance and support throughout the application, appeal, and review processes.

When to Seek Legal Assistance

If a veteran feels that their disability rating does not accurately reflect the extent of their impairments, it may be time to seek legal assistance. Engaging a VA attorney can be especially beneficial when preparing for a rating increase or navigating the appeals process for a denied claim.

Gathering Relevant Medical Evidence

One of the key elements in increasing a VA Disability Rating is providing comprehensive and up-to-date medical evidence to support the claim. A VA attorney can help gather relevant medical records, evaluations, and expert opinions that substantiate the severity of the veteran’s disabilities.

Preparing for the Application Process

Before filing for a VA Disability Rating increase, the veteran, with the guidance of their attorney, must organize all necessary documents, ensuring that they have a strong case for the increase. This preparation is crucial to streamline the application process and minimize delays.

Filing a Claim with the VA

With the attorney’s assistance, the veteran can submit a formal application for a VA Disability Rating increase. The attorney will ensure that all required information is included and the claim is accurately presented, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Handling a Denied Claim

In some instances, a veteran’s initial claim for an increased disability rating may be denied. In such cases, a VA attorney can help explore the reasons for the denial, gather additional evidence, and prepare a strong appeal to challenge the decision.

The Appeals Process

The appeals process can be complex and time-consuming, but with a skilled VA attorney by their side, a veteran can navigate through it with more confidence. The attorney will prepare a well-documented appeal and represent the veteran at any necessary hearings.

The Importance of Patience

Increasing a VA Disability Rating is a process that requires patience. It may take time to gather evidence, submit applications, and wait for responses from the VA. A VA attorney can provide reassurance and support throughout this waiting period.

VA Attorney’s Fees and Payment

Many veterans worry about the cost of hiring a VA attorney. However, VA attorneys typically work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if the veteran’s claim is successful. This fee is generally a percentage of the backdated benefits the veteran receives.

Other Resources for Veterans

Apart from legal assistance, there are various resources available to veterans seeking to increase their VA Disability Rating. Veterans service organizations, support groups, and VA representatives can offer valuable insights and guidance.

Tips for Communicating with Your VA Attorney

Effective communication with a VA attorney is essential for a successful claim. Veterans should be proactive in providing updates, responding to inquiries, and following the attorney’s advice promptly.


Increasing your VA Disability Rating with a VA attorney from Vetus Legal LLC in Boston can be a pivotal step in securing the benefits you rightfully deserve. With their expertise and support, veterans can navigate the often intricate claims process more effectively, ensuring that their disabilities are accurately recognized and compensated. Remember, the process may require patience and determination, but with the right guidance, veterans can achieve a more favorable outcome for their disability claims.


Can I hire a VA attorney at any stage of my claim?

Yes, you can seek the assistance of a VA attorney at any stage of the claims process, whether it’s for an initial application, appeal, or rating increase.

What if my VA Disability Rating increase claim gets denied?

If your claim is denied, a VA attorney can help you navigate the appeals process, gather additional evidence, and build a strong case for reconsideration.

How long does it take to increase my VA Disability Rating?

The timeline can vary based on individual circumstances, but it often takes several months to complete the process of increasing your VA Disability Rating.

Are there any resources available to help veterans during the claims process?

Yes, there are various resources, such as veterans service organizations, support groups, and VA representatives, that can provide guidance and assistance throughout the claims process.

What if my medical condition worsens after receiving my initial VA Disability Rating?

If your medical condition worsens post-service, you can apply for a rating increase to reflect the new level of disability and its impact on your daily life. A VA attorney can help with the application process.

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