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How to act after an accident: claiming for personal injuries

Hundreds of personal injury cases occur daily in our country. Most of them involve only a minor setback in people’s lives, but they must still be claimed, as is the case with those involving serious injuries or even the avoidable death of an individual.

First step in making a claim: enlisting the help of a specialized personal injury attorney

When making a personal injury claim, it is important to be aware of all the variants that exist and how to proceed in each of them. For this purpose, most citizens who have been affected by these situations decide to count on the help of lawyers specialized in this type of cases.

One of the consequences of the high number of personal injury cases that occur in the United States each year is precisely the growing number of lawyers who are experts in this area and who provide a good service according to the situation. Here,  we can find an example that can serve as a guide for many people in a position to make a claim.

Without a doubt, law firms such as the one mentioned above are a comfort for those affected, since having legal assistance backed by many years of experience and the help provided in many other similar cases is a guarantee of good results. For this reason, we can conclude that the first and smartest step in making a claim, is to have the necessary legal assistance.

Second step in making the claim: keep the documentation to be submitted to our lawyer.

Although specialist lawyers will be able to perform most of the work independently, they will need our assistance in providing the following documents:

  • Medical bills: they should have all the documentation that have been produced as a consequence of the injuries caused by the accident. This documentation should include the periods of admission, the severity of the injuries and the medical assistance required, as well as the invoice for the medications that have been prescribed.
  • Insurance documentation: in case the accident occurred on board an insured transport. Similarly, if the affected person has life insurance, the related documentation should also be examined by the attorney, as some clauses may contain specifications on the type of compensation.

On the other hand, insurance documentation of the people involved in the accident or a contact, that allows the lawyer to try to establish agreements between the parties before going to trial, may be necessary.

  • Employment contract and documentation relating to the prevention of occupational hazards: if the accident for which a claim is to be made corresponds to the type of occupational accident. In this way, the lawyer can establish direct communication with the company and try to take the best possible way to obtain compensation and future working conditions of the employee, hoping that these are not tarnished by the claim against the company.

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