How to Negotiate Your Car Accident Settlement- 5 Tips from Top Lawyers

Auto accidents mostly result in severe injuries, and you may involve hefty medical expenses. If you suffered injuries due to the negligence of another party, your attorney will advise you to file a compensation claim for the damages. The settlement will help you to cater to the expenses and other needs in case of lost wages.

However, you may end up paying for your medical bills from your pocket if you don’t know how to do this right. This makes it critical to engage a car accident attorney in every step of the claim and settlement process.

 How can I negotiate my car accident settlement? 

  1. Know the worth of your damages

Different injuries attract varying settlement rates. For instance, what you get for severe brain injuries is different from what you’re compensated for minor injuries. Therefore, the first step would be to value your damages. If unsure of how to do this, visit and consult the many car accident attorneys available. The common types of damages that you may incur are;

  • Medical bills
  • Lose wages
  • Property damage
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Physical & emotional suffering
  1. Determine your best offer

 Think of what you’re willing to accept to recover your losses. Don’t be surprised when the insurance company offers too little for the damages. Many will use this as a tactic to make you settle for less.

But, work with a specific figure and aim to get the most out of the case. Have an attorney to help you evaluate the settlement offers from the insurance firm.

  1. Have important documents at hand!

To get a reasonable settlement, you’ll need to verify your loss, and keeping proper documentation will go a long way. This may range from medical records, payment receipts, car repair bills, and details of lost wages. Also, keep documents showing that you missed work and have a letter from your employer. If you engage an attorney, the process will be much easier. The professional will help handle all the docents and use them to guard your interests.

  1. Don’t be quick to take offers.

  Be patient, and don’t be quick to take any offers from the insurance company. Negotiate the settlement amount and see if they are willing to adjust it higher. Also, have the offer details in writing and have the document signed by the relevant authorities.

  1. Watch for delays

The insurance company may derail the process, and you should beware of this. This may be a trick to seek reasons to deny your compensation. Most car accident lawyers will tell you that not all accident victims get compensated, and you should guard the evidence no matter how long the process takes. You’ll also benefit more by seeking help from an accident attorney; this will improve your likelihood of getting a reasonable settlement.

Final thoughts

 Negotiating car accident claims requires a lot of expertise, and you’ll likely get the rightful compensation without an attorney. If you have been involved in a car crash and want the best out of your claim, engage legal aid, and save time in negotiations with the insurance company. Also, preserve all the evidence, and follow advice from your attorney.

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