How to Overcome a DUI

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. It is not only dangerous to the driver and passengers, but also the innocent people on the road. In the age of taxis and the ride sharing economy, such as Uber and Lyft, we have very little excuse to drink and drive. Even a couple of drinks can be enough to be over the legal alcohol limit for driving. Drinking under the influence is a unique law where the legality is measured through the amount of alcohol consumed. Although, a person can have an alcohol level that is below the legal limit and still get a DUI. The law in many states permits police officers to use their judgement if a person is capable to safely operate a vehicle. So it is possible to still get a DUI if your blood alcohol level is lower than the legal amount. This article provides tips for avoiding a DUI and how to overcome one.

Avoiding a DUI should be the first logical choice. Many times we have options available that are both inexpensive and convenient. First, we can try to avoid a DUI by not driving when we anticipate drinking. Using either a taxi or a ride sharing application like Uber or Lyft can save us thousands on a DUI. Many times we think that we will only have a few drinks and we would be OK to drive ourselves home, but even a few drinks can be enough to get a DUI. Justifying the cost of the taxi or Uber is simple. Imagine having to spend less than a hundred dollars verses having to spend thousands in fines and legal fees for a DUI. However, if you have already driven and now have to deal with getting your car back home, then there are still safe options available. Many cities have nonprofit organizations that have set up services to pick you and your car up to be driven back to your home or wherever you are staying. Another option would be to use your AAA membership to get your car towed back home. This option requires you to make sure your car does not start, which can be done by safely pulling a few spark plugs out. Lastly, calling a friend or loved one to come pick you up is also a viable option. Every time you drink and drive you should think about how you are potentially putting your own life and others at risk. This will ensure not needing someone to visit the Bail Bonds in Brazoria County, for an example, to bail you out of jail.

Getting pulled over on the suspicion of drinking and driving is also an important time to think before acting. Many lawyers advise to keep your answers short and brief without making any self-incriminating statements. Police officers will normally ask if you have had anything to drink. You will need to use your best judgement to answer this. Next, refusing to take a breathalyzer test is an automatic DUI in many states. This will ensure a blood test once at the processing facility. Lastly, getting an attorney will be your best option to avoid having a DUI on your record. Many times judges agree to reduce the charges if the person agrees to certain conditions or a program.

Drinking and driving is never a right decision, but if it happens make sure to be prepared to deal with the consequences.

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