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How to Reject an Unfair Personal Injury Settlement Offer

Once you file a personal injury claim following an auto accident, the chances are that you will get a low settlement offer following your lawsuit and demand for monetary compensation. Don’t take this offer personally or begin thinking that your claim isn’t worth a certain amount of money. Remember, insurance companies are always operating for a profit, and their primary goal is to get claimants to accept very low settlements to maximize their overall profits.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you are stuck with the settlement amount that the defendant’s insurer is offering. In fact, you can, and you should reject the offer with the help of an experienced Austin personal injury attorney. During your first meeting with the attorney, focus on discussing the strategies that can help you secure a good settlement amount for your injuries and any possible property damage. The primary reason you need a personal injury lawyer is that you will definitely face a low offer and perhaps attempts to devalue your claim and sometimes coercion to consent to the offer.

If you plan to file a personal injury claim, it is good to arm yourself with in-depth knowledge of how the laws regarding personal injury claims and settlements work, enough evidence to support your claim, and a reliable attorney with an outstanding experience. This will increase your chance of creating a strong case and proving it. Besides, being properly prepared for such type of cases means you can get an appropriate amount of settlement.

Don’t ignore the services of an attorney

Sometimes, the insurer’s settlement offer might seem fair for your injuries or property damage. You must discuss the offer with your attorney first. Avoid making any statements to the insurer or interact with the defendant or their representatives without first consulting with your attorney. Note that the moment you agree to any settlement offer or even make a simple statement regarding your accident, that statement or acceptance can be recorded and later be used to justify the low settlement offer.

Learn more about insurance adjusters

The initial settlement offer you will get is more likely to be lower than the right amount of money you require to handle your medical expenses and other damages associated with the accident. Actually, it will be lower than the amount you would have secured if you decide to file a lawsuit. Remember, the first offer you will get is the lowest amount that the insurance company thinks that you will accept.

There is another amount referred to as the adjuster’s authority, and it is the maximum amount the insurance adjuster should award you for your claim. In this case, you will be told that this is the maximum amount that the adjuster has offered. If you still believe that your claim is worth more than that, then, you should keep on fighting for a better settlement amount.

Keep in mind that personal injury lawyers have experience in handling personal injury settlements. Working with a good attorney guarantees a better settlement amount.

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