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Legal Recruitment Agencies Make the Right Connections Between Lawyers & Firms

When you’re looking to fill a position in your firm or organization, it only makes sense that you fill it with the best possible candidate for the job. Right? Unfortunately, all too often the best candidate is passed up for other professionals. Sometimes, they don’t even apply at all! Though highly qualified and experienced, your ideal employee escapes through your clutches due to poor timing, unlucky circumstances, and bad hiring techniques.

Timing and conditions you can understand, but bad hiring techniques? That can come to a blow to your firm’s ego. Regrettably, it’s the truth. The manager overseeing the open position doesn’t always have time to complete the hiring process properly. This is especially true if you’re already short staffed, as this manager could be juggling the work of two or three individuals. As a result, they simply can’t invest the time and attention necessary to locate the best person for the job. Some step along the way – whether that’s the initial posting, the screening, or interview phase – isn’t completed to their best ability.

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In-house hiring isn’t doomed to employ the worst candidate for the job, but it won’t find the professional who fits the position to a ‘T’. If you expect the best fit for your newest employee, then get help from a legal recruiter. A legal recruitment agency specializes in the hiring process of the unique legal field. Their sole job is to help employers like you by taking care of all of the pre-screening and resume vetting before you see a single candidate. Not a single minute of your time will be wasted posting an ad, culling applicants, or instructing a candidate of the ins and outs of your business. Legal recruiters do this for you.

The list of names that they present are ones you can trust to be the best. Legal recruiters take everything into consideration to arrive at a superior rollcall of candidates, including education, qualifications, experience, and even the intangible traits like leadership skills and positive attitudes. Particularly adept recruiters will already have the experience to recognize these of credentials on their own. That’s because, like the legal recruitment services from The Heller Group, they’re legal professionals who are intimately aware of the legal industry. Not only do they understand what makes a candidate ideal, they’ll know where to look for them. Their experience within the field has afforded them greater resources and contacts. Far beyond a simple job ad, their recruiters will actively headhunt those individuals who will best fit your organization.

Outsourcing your hiring process will make your next hire the right one, so take the time to find a legal recruitment agency that you can trust. Check out those certified by the Canadian Bar Association and compare their client reviews. Eventually you’ll land on a highly qualified, certified agency that can save you time, money, and effort.

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