Most Common Personal Injury Claims

The world of personal injury law is broad and varied and there are a great many types of claims which we see. The best law firms within this field, such as Philips Law Group Injury Lawyers, actually have a number of specialists in-house, who take care of all manner of personal injury claims. Whilst there are some particular types of cases which we don’t see too often, there are many others which we see a lot, and these are the most common types of personal injury claims which are made here in the US.

Slips and Falls

This is undoubtedly the most common type of personal injury claim which we see, and slips and falls can happen just about anywhere. The large majority of these claims happen in businesses, with wet floors being the most common reason why people get injured when they do slip or fall. Most injuries in these cases are mild, but that doesn’t make the experience any better for those involved. In any law firm you will find that slips and falls are what accounts for the majority of their clients.

Road Accidents

Second on the list are road accidents, which covers a number of different types of accidents. As you can probably imagine, car accidents are the most frequent types of claims, but we also have the likes of bicycle accidents, truck accidents and more recently, a rise in the number of people who are injured when riding an electric scooter. These are often complex cases and the types of injury which we see can range from the very minor to the very severe.

Work Compensation

Another common reason for clients coming into law firms to process claims is incidents which have happened in the workplace. These too are cases which vary a great deal, owing to the range of different environments that these accidents can take place in. It is of course the responsibility of the employer to keep their staff safe, and when this doesn’t happen we see claims come in. A sad reality of these claims is that many workers stay quiet for a long time because they are worried about what could happen to their job if they are found to have made a claim.

Medical Malpractice

 Whilst it should never happen inside a hospital, there are unfortunately a lot of cases which we see with regards to medical malpractice. These claims are very challenging on the legal teams, because not every course of action which a surgeon or doctor takes is malpractice, no matter what the result is. There are however still too many of these cases and they too can vary greatly from the tragic to the preventable. These cases absolutely require specialist lawyers who have a great depth of knowledge and experience in working between both law and medicine.

These are by far and away the most common types of personal injury claims which we are currently seeing in law firms across the country.

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