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Personal Injury Claims Explained

The law encompasses every aspect of our lives, and in the case of a personal injury, it might be possible for the person to claim compensation from a third party. A good example would be if a person were travelling in a car as a passenger, and the vehicle was involved in a road traffic accident. The person who suffered the injuries might be able to claim compensation from one of the drivers, if they can prove negligence on the part of the third party. A person might be walking across a floor that has just been mopped, and they slip and suffer an injury, and if it can be proven that the cleaner did not display a warning sign to make people aware that the floor is wet, then a claim against the building owners is likely to be successful.

Head Injuries

With head injuries, the claim process can be very complex, and it is not as straightforward as a broken limb or other physical injury, as a brain injury can leave a person requiring care, which could be total, and for the judges, it would be a case of determining a suitable amount that will cover any necessary expenses incurred from the accident. There are some excellent online head injury legal specialists, and if, for example, a person wanted to make head injury claims in Kent, there are legal experts who can guide a person through the complex claiming process.

Proving Negligence

The focus on any personal injury claim is proving negligence on the part of a third party. If, for example, a person were crossing the street and were hit by a car, the court might decide that both parties were to blame, and in a case such as this, they would award the claimant a percentage of the full award for the specific injuries, as the third party was only partially to blame. It could be that a third party was completely at fault, and if this can be proven in a courtroom, the claim would likely be successful.

Insurance Cover

Often, when a person suffers an injury that is due to another’s negligence, they are reluctant to make a claim, as they know the person and have no wish to land them with a massive bill that they cannot afford to pay. The truth is, the person would not have to pay the compensation, as their vehicle insurer would be liable, and even if the driver is uninsured, there are special funds set up to cover compensation claims in the case of uninsured drivers.

Professional Advice

The law regarding personal injury claims can be quite complex, and anyone who thinks their injury was caused by a third person’s negligence, then they should consult the relevant legal experts, and with an online legal practice, it is both quick and convenient, and you would soon know what a solicitor thinks of your chances of success.

It costs you nothing to make an enquiry, and if you suffered a personal injury within the past 2 years, it might still be possible to lodge a claim for compensation, and by talking to the experts, you will soon have a clearer picture of where you stand.


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