Questions To Ask The Top DUI Fort Lauderdale FL Attorney

If you have been involved in a drunk driving related charge, you need to find the top DUI Fort Lauderdale FL attorney. With a good attorney, you can count of less fines, no jail time or no revoking of your driving license. If you are looking for the top DUI Fort Lauderdale FL attorney, here are some of the questions you should ask any potential attorneys you find.

What Percentage Of Your Criminal Practice Covers DUI Cases?

Any criminal attorney can hired to handle a DUI case. However, you need someone who has dedicated a huge percentage of his/her criminal practice to handling DUI cases. That way, you can rest assured that he/she has a good track record and proven experience handling DUI cases in Fort Lauderdale.

How Much Of The Case Will You Handle?

Criminal attorneys are riddled with so many cases and are often overworked. As such, once you hire an attorney for a DUI case, he/she might opt to pass it along to one of their associates or partners. However, you need to find an attorney who is dedicated to handling your case. Someone who doesn’t have the time for your case might end up costing you the entire case altogether. Therefore, right from the start, you should know whether the attorney is prepared to handle the case at court with you at all times.

What’s The Fees And Are There Any Transparent Calculations?

Hiring a DUI attorney in Fort Lauderdale is a very expense endeavor. Therefore, you need to know the attorney’s fee upfront and if possible he/she should provide you with the necessary calculations for these fees. On the other hand, the attorney should present you a payment plan for the fees. For instance, does he/she want to be paid upfront for the services or once the case is completed? Be careful not to hire an attorney who is only interested in getting money out of you, especially if you pay upfront.

Are You Knowledgeable About The State’s Traffic Rules Or Breathalyzer Requirements?

Certainly, your attorney should know all the loopholes to help you minimize your penalties for the DUI charge. Find someone who understands the state’s traffic rules as well as the stated breathalyzer requirements. Remember, with most DUI cases, the license might be revoked or you might get jail time or hefty fines. A good attorney should find the right loophole to utilize and reduce these consequences considerably.

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