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Seven Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defence Barrister

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, you need to hire a criminal lawyer like Michael Wolkind QC to represent you. Serious fine, jail time and penalties can ruin your life as well as affect your finances and family. You can expect your criminal lawyer will aggressively fight for your rights. Below are the main reasons you should hire a criminal defence lawyer.

He has the Expertise you Need

In terms of dealing with the law, your knowledge does matter. A defence lawyer who specializes in drug crimes are expected to expertly deal with cases related to such crimes. Getting early representation for your case helps you start the process of getting an outcome that is favorable to you.

He Protects you from Prosecutors

A lot of prosecutors are well-intentioned. Unluckily, some of them try to influence witnesses and hide evidence. The job of a prosecutor is to convict those who commit crimes. Michael Wolkind QC is a skilled criminal lawyer who will challenge the prosecutors without fear. A number of defence lawyers used to work with prosecutors at one point. Such experience provides them insight into the way prosecutors approach cases like yours.

He Examines your Options

A prosecutor will not explain your legal options to you. He will encourage you to plead guilty. But, you probably have other options that a criminal defence lawyer can tell you. He will explain the pros and cons of each option before you make a decision.

He Assists you with the Bail Hearing

Following an arrest, you will want to get out of jail pending trial. A criminal lawyer will represent you at your bail hearings and show to the court your seriousness to take the charges and the process. Michael Wolkind will show evidence that you will not avoid the trial or flee or are not a threat to the community.

He Helps you Mitigate the Consequences

Should you be convicted of a crime, your lawyer can ensure you face reasonable punishments for it. Sometimes, he may even negotiate a lesser sentence based on the facts he presented for your case. While your lawyer cannot guarantee a positive outcome in any case, he can take necessary steps to make sure you get a fair trial. An experienced criminal defence lawyer will fight for you.

He has your Best Interest at Heart

A good criminal defence lawyer can dedicate attention and time that your case needs to make sure you get the best result possible. He can provide you individualized advice. His knowledge of the criminal justice system makes him able to honestly and accurately tell you whether you have a good case. Michael Wolkind barrister will be at your side at each step of the way. Reviews can attest to his professionalism and outstanding performance in the court.

He Can Ensure your Future Job Search won’t be Compromised

It is not easy to search for a job especially if you have a criminal record. Hiring a criminal defence barrister is particularly important if you are your family’s breadwinner.

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