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Six Facts to Consider Before Filing for Workers Compensation

In the event that you’re injured on the job and would like to file for compensation, there’re a few things you should keep in mind. It’s quite easy to find yourself entangled in the processes involved and end up making decisions that could possibly reduce your chances of receiving compensation. Below are six facts from one of the most experienced Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer that you should consider before filing for worker’s compensation. (place the link in the bold section/capitalized words)

  1. Report the incident immediately

Make sure to report the accident as soon as possible even if you don’t feel badly hurt. You should also provide a written description of the accident to Human Resources department. Doing so will ensure insurers, investigators and comp lawyers have sufficient tangible information necessary for a claim to be made. You should keep in mind that reporting the incident to Human Resource department doesn’t necessarily mean you must file a claim against the workers’ comp policy, but instead it will be a proof just in case you decide to make a claim.

  1. Make sure to choose the right physician

In the event that you’re injured on the job, you will be referred by the company tasked with providing workers’ compensation insurance coverage to see a physician. The rule is that you’re not allowed to be served by your personal doctor, but you can change your doctor only once if you’re not satisfied with the one you’ve been referred to. Since you’re allowed to change your doctor only once, make sure you choose the right physician. Alternatively, you can consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Indianapolis ( to help you find the right specialist. The good thing with this is that the lawyer will make sure your interests are protected and not the interests of the insurer.

  1. Don’t pay any legal fees

As an injured worker covered by workers’ compensation policies, you’re not under any obligation to pay legal fees. All workers’ compensation fees and lawyers are paid by the insurance company involved.

  1. Know that a claim won’t work against you

Some injured employees often feel anxious and guilty about making a compensation claim. Most of them are worried of losing their jobs, getting a bad reputation or reduced work hours. Keep in mind that the law is there to protect you in the event your employer starts discriminating against you. Don’t forget that sustaining an injury at work entitles you to make a claim. Additionally, you might need time to rest, heal and receive proper medical treatment depending on your doctor’s advice.

  1. Be wary of making statements

Never make a statement to a WorkCover investigator no matter the situation. You’re not under any legal obligation to do so. Furthermore, many honest workers have found it hard to get compensated after providing such statements. Therefore, do not sign any document, and if in doubt you should seek professional advice.

  1. Your employer is also insured against such accidents

The law requires each employer to have WorkCover insurance due to the likelihood of accidents occurring in the workplace. Therefore, making a claim doesn’t mean you’re blaming your employer, but in instead saying you’ve been injured while on duty and you need cover for medical expenses and time off to recover. Furthermore, your employer’s insurance also covers these requirements.

In conclusion, you’re entitled to make a claim in case you get injured on the job and you should never feel as if you’re betraying or letting down your employer. However, feel free to seek professional advice from experienced Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer prior to making a workers’ compensation claim.

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