Three Tips to Manage Traffic in Houston

Houston is a fantastic city, but it’s also big. If you are new to the area, you’re sure to find tons of excitement in the change. You’ll also hit some frustration on the roads. After consulting a Houston auto accident attorney, this list was compiled to recommend some best driving practices that are specifically tailored to the area and its traffic. These three easy tips will help you avoid trouble that you just don’t need.

Follow the Flow

Daily commutes will regularly involve some time on the freeway. While obeying laws and posted signs is important, the very most important thing you can do to avoid an accident is facilitate the flow of traffic. If lanes are closed, try to move over early and efficiently. When traffic is flowing, stick to the lane that matches your pace, and perhaps most importantly, make sure there is always room to pass you on the left. If you happen to be the one passing, get out of the left lane as soon as you’re clear. These rules are typical for safe driving, but Houston and many other parts of Texas are notorious for more aggressive driving. Working towards an efficient flow of traffic is paramount to managing that aggression and staying safe.

Focus on Cars Rather Than Drivers

You’re bound to run across some interesting characters in a city this fascinating. Keep the spectating to when your feet are firmly on the ground. A surprising number of accidents in the city are due to drivers being distracted by other drivers and other bits of spectacle. When you’re behind the wheel, worry about the cars around you and how they are moving. That will keep you focused and out of trouble.

Watch out for Cyclists

Houston has a lot of wonderful qualities, but an abundance of dedicated bike lanes is not among them. Many cyclists have met misfortune on the roads, so always keep an extra sharp eye for them. This means you need to pay extra attention when you are off the highway and on the narrow streets downtown. The beauty of Houston is very enjoyable from atop a bicycle, so make sure your fellow Houstonians aren’t unduly punished for making the most of their commute or daily workout.

Sometimes, even your best effort isn’t enough to avoid unfortunate circumstances. If you do run into auto trouble, a well-versed Houston auto accident attorney can provide the service you need to make sure costs are rightfully paid and your accident doesn’t cause any excess harm, stress or burden.


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