Top Rated Low Cost Criminal Defense Lawyers in Williamson County Texas:

Being charged with a crime is an incredibly stressful situation, and can often come about unexpectedly during periods of financial hardship. While everyone’s number one priority after being arrested is being acquitted of all charges, finding an affordable and well renowned criminal defense lawyer can prove difficult, especially for those without ample savings and the time needed to vet viable options. This is particularly relevant for residents of Texas, who often have to weed through a variety of premium criminal defense lawyers before finding low cost but highly skilled alternatives. If you’re a resident of Georgetown Texas looking for a low cost criminal defense lawyer in Williamson County, here are a few well respected lawyers to kick off your search.

Gregory R. Terra of The Law Office of Gregory R. Terra:

Since opening his law office in 2005, Gregory R. Terra has represented over 1900 criminal cases and specializes in handling DUI/DWI, drug, theft, and assault cases. Known for providing expert criminal defense with affordable, predetermined rates, Terra personally handles all of his cases and remains in close contact with all of his clients, providing unlimited meetings to discuss a case. Terra prides himself on his honesty, and will never convince anyone to hire him unless he is 100 percent confident in his ability to win the case. Terra also maintains a professional relationship with local judges and prosecutors which has aided in a high percentage of cases he takes on receiving a reduced sentence or being dismissed. To schedule a free consultation with this highly skilled and low cost Williamson County criminal defense lawyer, call (512) 635- 4368. Consultation meetings generally last 15 to 20 minutes and allow you to share the basic facts of your case and work out a possible legal strategy and a payment plan if you are ready to move forward with Gregory R. Terra as your representation.

Ryan H. Deck of The Law Office of Ryan H. Deck:

Ryan H. Deck is a board certified criminal defense lawyer who was born and raised in Williamson County. With over 15 years of experience defending clients and history as a former Montgomery County assistant district attorney, Deck provides renowned and affordable representation for all types of criminal cases. Deck has a true passion for representation and his extensive knowledge of the law and the court system has provided him with favorable results for some of the most complex cases in Williamson County. Deck has received dozens of accolades throughout his career, including being recognized by the Williamson County Bar Association for his excellence as a criminal defense attorney and receiving glowing reviews and a 10/10 rating on the lawyer directory site Despite being a top rated criminal defense lawyer, Deck provides low cost representation in Williamson County by offering affordable payment plans and a free consultation at (512) 337- 6285.

Rick Cofer of Cofer and Connelly, PLLC:

Rick Cofer is a prestigious trial lawyer with over 13 years of experience representing all sorts of criminal cases including DWIs and property crimes and more serious offenses such as rape and capital murder. Known for his experience on all ends of the courtroom as a former assistant district attorney and felony prosecutor, Cofer is expertly prepared to take any case in front of a judge and comprehensively reviews each case to form a tailor made defense strategy. With experience handling over 100 jury trials and a personal dismissal or acquittal rate of over 94% since 2019, Cofer is the perfect option for a low cost criminal defense lawyer in Williamson County. Cofer also specializes in juvenile law with over a decade of experience in juvenile court and has helped many young adults suffering from mental health issues navigate the court system. Cofer prides himself on his extraordinary client responsiveness and is committed to providing compassionate representation, offering a free consultation at (512) 991- 0576.

Other Options:

While these are three highly rated low cost criminal defense attorneys in Williamson County, they may still remain out of some people’s budget. If you find yourself unable to afford any criminal defense lawyer, the United States Constitution safeguards your right to a free public defender. While a public defender is a gamble and may not provide you the representation that the above lawyers would, do not hesitate to ask for one if it is your only option.

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