What Are the Qualities of a Good Family Lawyer?

If you and your partner have finally decided it is time for you both to move on, you will need the services of a family lawyer, someone who specialises in the legalities of divorce and separation. A quick online search for family lawyers near me will bring up a list of local firms, yet that can often leave you with a dilemma, and with that in mind, here are some of the qualities you would expect to find in a professional family lawyer.

  • Excellent Communication Skills – If you are looking at family law lawyers in Sydney, the ideal choice would be someone with a high level of communication skills. Aside from being a confident speaker, your lawyer should also be a good listener, both of which will help him or her to argue your case. You should always feel at ease in the presence of your legal representative and they should be a person with empathy, someone who can listen as you open your heart. Most people feel better about the situation if they have someone that they can talk to, and your family lawyer can provide more than just legal advice, by lending a sympathetic ear.
  • Integrity – A good family lawyer will give you an honest opinion regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and will always act with integrity, ensuring that the client’s best interests are always at the forefront of things.
  • A Good Researcher – In order to put together a strong case before going to court, your lawyer should carry out thorough research, which will help them to build a strong argument in your favour. The result of any court decisions depends very much on how your lawyer has presented your side of things, and with a lawyer that is attentive to details, your chances of reaching a favourable conclusion are maximised.
  • Transparent Fee System – Ideally, you should deal with a law firm that has fixed rates that ensures you do not get a nasty shock when the bill finally arrives. Once you know the fees, you can budget effectively and when you receive the bill, it should be itemised, showing a breakdown of the final figure.
  • A Pleasant and Approachable Manner – The ideal candidate would be a person whom you feel comfortable with, someone who comes across as friendly and genuine. This will eliminate any unnecessary stress and your lawyer should always be ready to lend an ear, should you have a need to discuss your situation. Emotional support is always welcome, especially when dealing with a divorce and your lawyer can certainly provide this.

If you choose a law firm that is established and has a good name within the local community, this is a strong indicator that they possess all of the attributes of a good family law practitioner. You might have a friend who has recently been through a divorce and you could ask them about the law firm they used, or failing that, look for all of the above when talking to potential law firms and hopefully, your lawyer will make the process as stress-free as possible.

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