What Is Workers Compensation and Why It Is So Important

When you head out to work each morning the last thing you expect to happen is to get hurt. Workplace accidents can happen in a matter of seconds and change your life forever. No matter how safe you try to be there is always a chance that you could be injured.

What is Workers Compensation?

If you have been injured at work through no fault of your own then you can be eligible for workers compensation. Workers compensation is granted to employees who have been injured to help pay for medical treatment and compensate for pain and suffering caused. This is normally paid by your employer or your employers insurance company.

The amount that will be paid to you is generally negotiated for you by your legal team. They will liaise with your employer or employersinsurance company to come to a mutual decision that works for all parties.

What to do if you have been hurt at work

If you have been injured at your workplace during work hours the first thing you should do is seek medical help. If you have been severely injured your employer will arrange medical help for you or in extreme cases an ambulance will be called.

If your injuries are less severe a visit to your local Doctor, medical centre or hospital for a check up is still advised. It is possible for injuries not to present themselves until a few days after the initial accident.

At the time of the incident it is important that you inform your direct supervisor or manager that you have been injured. They will need to record your accident for their files. This is also an important step if you want to seek workers compensation.

What Can I Claim Compensation For?

You can claim compensation for a number of things but the main injuries that workers claim compensation for are:

  • Injuries that limit your ability to perform everyday tasks
  • Injuries that stop you from working full time or part time
  • Injuries, illness or disease brought on by workplace conditions

If you think you may be entitled to compensation the best thing you can do is seek legal advice. A lawyerspecialising in workers compensation will be able to let you know what your rights. Once they learn more about your situation they can let you know whether you will be entitled to compensation.

Do Time Limits Apply?

Yes! For this reason it is advised that you seek legal help as soon as possible. Many workplaces also have strict time limits when it comes to advising workplace injuries. To avoid missing any time limits, speak to a workers compensation lawyer. They will be able to make sure you stick to all time limits.

Look For a No Win No Fee Lawyer

Nowadays, many law firms are employing a No Win No Fee policy. This means that you don’t pay any legal fees until after your case is won. If your case is lost then you don’t have to pay any legal costs. This is a great way for those who don’t have the legal costs available to still seek compensation, without having to worry about money.

In Summary

If you or a loved one has been injured at work then you may be entitled to workers compensation. Strict time limits apply so make sure that you seek legal help as soon as possible. Workers compensation will be able to help ease the financial burden that medical, rehabilitation and care costs bring.

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