What Support Can You Get When You Encounter Priest Abuse?

The priest abuse issue in the United States has been at the forefront for several months. An increasing number of people are taking it upon themselves to seek out appropriate avenues for seeking justice. There is still a lot that we don’t know about what happened in just about every case, which means there’s probably more to come.

Where can you go for assistance?

You can get assistance from numerous places when dealing with abuse of any kind. One area is to contact your local police department, which might include the district attorney’s office at the same time. You might even try talking to your parish priest or your local Catholic bishop if it would help.

Another option is to find an abuse hotline that you can call.  There are several, but your best bet is to contact the police department in the city where the incident took place and ask for their help.

You might also be able to get assistance by calling a local women’s shelter or children’s center near where you live. They can help you try to find counseling services and other kinds of help.

What if I need legal assistance?

If you need any legal assistance regarding a san Diego priest abuse, you can call your local district attorney. You might even try contacting the state bar association for your particular jurisdiction. You will get the information on where to go next because it depends on what kind of incident you’re dealing with and where it occurred.

Another option is to call your local law school or even a large law firm with some experience in these cases. You might also go online and try looking for assistance on various legal websites, such as those associated with victims’ rights groups like the Innocence Project and the American Bar Association.

What resources are available for crime victims?

There are several resources out there, but you need to know where to look. It is advisable to engage your local law enforcement agency and tell them what happened. They might be able to help get the ball rolling on your case right away.

Another option is to find your local district attorney’s office. Usually, the DA will be able to put you in touch with their victims’ rights division or their crime victim services department. You need to know that you will need to prove that it happened, so try not to destroy any evidence if possible.

You can also get help is at the prosecutor’s office if you have one. Sometimes these offices will be able to give you advice or even refer your case to another department.

As with any abuse, reporting it as soon as possible is usually best. This way, there are fewer holes in your case and less time for evidence to go missing before the cops can get involved.


The priest abuse issue is complicated, but getting help when it happens doesn’t have to be too difficult. The advisable thing would be to report the abuse and get help from your local police or sheriff’s office. You might also consider calling a women’s shelter or a crime victim services agency for assistance

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