What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Before you take your loved one to a nursing home, you have probably tried other options of taking care of them. The reason why you decide to take them to the nursing home is that you understand that there are well-trained professionals who will take care of your loved one in a comfortable environment. Unfortunately, some seniors experience abuse in nursing homes. Personal injury lawyers Halifax can assist families whose loved ones have been mistreated in nursing homes. So, if you suspect such a case with your loved one, here are the next step you should take.

Remove your Loved One from the Home First

The first and most important thing to do when you suspect senior abuse is to remove them from the residence. Your loved one is vulnerable, and you must ensure their safety first. So, get them to a safe place or your home during investigations. You will only keep them susceptible to retribution if you let them remain in the facility.

Get a Lawyer

You need a strong and experienced lawyer to help you through the case. So, if you strongly believe that your loved one has been abused or mistreated, get a personal injury lawyer from to assist you. Getting an experienced lawyer will help you through the process of holding the abuser responsible. The professional will help you to seek justice from the civil court while working on criminal charges at the same time.

Gather Evidence

You will need as much evidence you can get to prove your claims. Abuse can take different forms, including financial, sexual, mental, and physical. Your loved one may show signs that staff in the nursing home abused them. They may be regressive, change behavior, or show other signs like weight loss, or loss of appetite. They might also have injuries that cannot be explained or there might be suspicious transactions in their account. So, investigate and gather the information you need to support your claim.

File a Complaint

You may decide to report your discoveries to the management of the nursing home or report it to the agency that licensed the nursing home. This will help in conducting further investigations to confirm your allegations. The problem with reporting the issue to the nursing home is that it may take measures to avoid responsibility. So, ask the lawyer for the best place to file your complaint.

Contact the Authorities

If you feel that the abuser is a threat to other residents in the facility, it is best to contact the authorities. Ensure you inform the law enforcers or the agency about the abuse and your fear that other residents might be in danger. This is important even if the case is not an emergency. Even if the complaint will not be addressed, it is wise to let the authorities know.


These are the most crucial steps you should take next if you discover your dear one has suffered abuse in a nursing home. Being abused will only make your loved one’s condition worse, and their safety jeopardized. So, protect your loved one by getting an experienced lawyer to assist you.

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