What to Do If Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Gets Denied?

When you face the circumstances that your home insurance claim got denied, you may feel frustrated, as well as worried, but you still got options. Here’s what you should do if your Homeowners Insurance Claim Is Denied:

  • Policy Review: Start closely with examining your insurance policy to find out the extent of the coverage. Ensure that the wording on the policy supports denial of a policy.
  • Contact the Insurance Agent: Make contact with your insurance agent for explaining the denial. Ask from them a written statement that clearly details the reason your insurance was denied. Also, this is the information to help you comprehend whether that denial stands.
  • Document Everything: Record each of the conversation you had with the insurance company, it may consist of emails, phone calls, and letters. If you are required to take the matter further or make a complaint, this record of your interactions might be very useful.
  • Debate the Decision: If you feel that the decision of rejecting your insurance is wrong, you are able to challenge the decision, if you feel that it is wrong. Draft an official letter for the insurer giving the reasons for claiming the payment, enclose any other document or evidence that supports your claim. Make sure to send this as a certified letter for your records.
  • Go for Legal Advice: After you have debated the denial and still you are unable to get your claim, you need to decide and take advice from an attorney, such as Omar Ochoa Law Firm, who has experience with dealing with the insurance law. They will tell you the best method to pursue and they may also help in representing in litigation.
  • Go for a Complaint: If you are feeling like your insurance company is trying to fraud you, you need to appeal to a court against the insurance company. They are able to further investigate your case and assist in mediation.
  • Consider Arbitration or Mediation: Some policies contain arbitration or mediation clauses in settling a dispute. This can save the parties involved in such cases from going through a longer and costly process to courts of law.
  • Record Damages: If the claim denial was because of lack of proper assessment of damage or evidence, you need to get professional estimates, as well as record through photos or videos about the damage to serve as additional evidence to your claim.

Understand that various reasons are there for a claim to get denied, and all those denials are not appropriate.

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