When should you call a Lawyer after a Road Accident in Los Angeles?

As a victim of a road accident, you probably have hundreds of questions running through your mind; what will happen to your work? Your loved ones? Who will compensate you? Where should you start? How will you prove negligence? Among so many other questions. This is only normal. After all, it’s not like you are always in an accident.

The best thing that you can actually do for yourself is to lawyer up. Car accident attorneys in Los Angeles are in a better position to help you determine fault and get maximum compensation for your losses. But the question is, when should you lawyer up?

According to experts, the best time to get a lawyer is immediately after the accident. In fact, they recommend you call a lawyer the first thing after getting medical help. This is because a lawyer knows what you need from the accident scene to gain an edge over the defendant and their insurance company. They also know the law and will advise you on the best course of legal action that you can take for your case. Besides, the lawyer will handle all the legwork for you, so you can focus on getting better.

What’s more, most of these lawyers offer a free consultation, so, you have nothing to lose. You can take advantage of this to learn as much as you can about your case. Again, in most cases, these lawyers will charge on a contingency basis, so you only get to pay them when you manage to recover.

Here are instances when you need a lawyer by your side

 When the accident caused severe injuries: It is never too soon to lawyer up, however, if you sustained severe injuries, like bone fractures, paralysis or if someone close to you succumbed to the injuries, you should call a lawyer immediately.

When a fault is unclear: you have to keep in mind that the defendant’s insurance company is not on your side. So, when fault is unclear, the insurer will likely argue that you were equally at fault and offer an unfair settlement. Sometimes, the insurance firm may refuse to pay you altogether.

When the accident involved other cyclists, pedestrians, or motorist: an accident that involves more parties can get complicated real quick.

When the accident or police report doesn’t describe what happened accurately: usually, you will need the police or accident report to add weight in your claim. However, if this report doesn’t capture everything as it happened, it may mislead the insurance company and cause them to refuse to pay.

When there are issues about your liability limits, insurance status or lack of insurance, or when your insurer sends a confusing message, connects you with their lawyer or brings up matters that you were not aware of.

Bringing in a lawyer in these cases will ensure your best interests are observed. Keep in mind that these lawyers deal with such cases regularly and have incredible experience about the same. The lawyers will take care of the process so that you won’t have to worry about anything.

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