Which Work Injuries Can You Make A Compensation Claim For?

Most of your time at wok is going to pass without incident and you will not be injured. However, there will be occasions where you are injured through no fault of your own. When this happens, you need to consider your options.

You can research several different lawyers to see which one can provide the most effective assistance for injuries that were suffered whilst you were at work. Which work injuries can a solicitor help you make a claim for?

Slipping On A Wet Surface Resulting In A Twisted Knee

When you are working in a supermarket or a warehouse, the floor can become slippery with liquid. This liquid needs to be cleaned up as soon as practically possible. However, you might be unaware that the ground is wet and you could fall over and twist your knee. This could cause you to take time off work.

You can hire work injury solicitors in Yorkshire who will be able to submit an injury claim on your behalf. The money that you might win could be used to cover your living costs – such as rent and bills – whilst you are convalescing.

Falling From A Ladder Which Was Incorrectly Provided

When you are working in a warehouse or on a building site, you need to be provided with all the right tools and equipment. You might fall off a ladder if it slips out of place. If the ladder was in poor condition or it was the wrong one for the particular job, then you might be able to explore the possibility of claiming some compensation.

An experienced lawyer will help you to submit the claim and then you will hopefully receive the money that you believe you are owed,

Being Asked To Lift Something Manually That Was Too Heavy For You

When you are working in an office, there might be some boxes or equipment that should be moved into the storage room. Sometimes this equipment is going to be too heavy for you to lift manually, and it could cause you to injure your back.

This kind of injury can potentially take months to heal and you may be forced to spend some time in bed away from work. This can result in a loss of earnings. When this has happened, you should think about hiring a lawyer to assist you in making a fully-formed compensation claim.

You may be able to recoup money from your employers if the injury has had a quantifiable impact on your life. The process will be handled by the lawyer so you do not need to exacerbate your injury by travelling to the lawyer’s office constantly.

When you have suffered an injury at work, you should remember that you can be ably assisted by a lawyer. They will examine your case and then they can help you with making a fully-formed claim against the people who are potentially at fault.

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