Why Are Truck Accident Claims More Difficult Than Regular Car Accident Claims?

To put things as simple as possible, truck accidents often involve much more serious injuries, multiple-party liabilities, extensive investigation, and even federal regulations and laws. Because of this, truck accident claims are much more difficult to deal with than the regular car accident claims.

When the claim is filed, there are some factors that always come into play. All Michigan truck accident lawyers will discuss them with their clients. These are presented below.

Catastrophic Or Serious Injuries

When trucks are involved in accidents, usually more serious damage appears than with cars. Motorists hit by trucks usually suffer fatal or catastrophic injuries. This practically means there is a huge possibility to be faced with serious effects, like loss of limbs, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and multiple fractures that would recover lifelong care or long recovery.

Because of the serious injuries that appear, medical treatment becomes complex, necessary, and extensive. When you need increased medical treatment, it is very important to work with an experienced truck accident attorney so you can properly navigate the claim and to get compensation for all future care needs. This is always a priority in such cases.

Extensive Investigation

Often, it is difficult to determine the exact truck crash cause. Much evidence needs to be analyzed. This includes analyzing the black box of the truck, the logs documenting the hours of service of the driver, and even the repair records of the truck, together with inspection records.

It is quite common that the employer of the truck driver actively withholds evidence. You thus need someone to point that out and find the evidence you need for a successful claim.

Multiple Parties Try To Avoid Liability

Truck accident claims become very technical. Almost always, truck drivers work for a third party as the crash happens. This means the employer might share a level of liability. Trucking companies can be fully or partially responsible for improper driver qualifications, maintenance problems, or for other issues. And you can be sure that the employer of the truck driver will try to avoid liability.

Federal Regulations And Laws

Trucking companies and truck drivers need to respect federal regulations. This includes having to deal with licensing requirements, hiring requirements, truck inspection requirements, hours of service rules, and more.

As an example, when the driver drives more than how much the law allows it, both the driver and the company are considered to have violated current federal law. But this can only be determined after a strict investigation and a report filed by someone that is authorized to conduct such investigations.


Truck accidents are almost always serious and it is difficult to navigate the claims process. You should never try to file your claim alone. Because of the technicalities associated with truck accident personal injury claims, you need to hire an experienced attorney. This is the only way to guarantee the fact that you will not be taken advantage of by the third parties that will try to avoid liability and the insurance companies that will do all they can in order to pay less than they should.

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