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Why Businesses Need to Have Legal Software

Regardless of the type of business or law practice you run, it’s no question that you have to ensure your business adheres to the proper laws and regulations in Canada. Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a major corporation, it’s important that you and your employees have a working knowledge of the laws that govern Canadian business practices to help you avoid legal situations that could put the future of your business at risk.

Large companies usually have a legal team in their roster to make sure they avoid breaking the law. However, if you own your own business, you may not have the resources in your budget to cover the costs of having an entire legal team on hand. But with so many different laws to consider when it comes to running a business, from employment standard regulations to tax laws, it’s imperative that you and your staff have a good understanding of what’s required. Even if you have a legal team, it’s important to ensure that they have resources readily available to help them understand employment and business laws and legislation in Canada. Legal research software like Lexis Nexis can help with both situations.

Lexis Nexis Quick Law Full Service provides comprehensive resources and legal research tools to law firms, government offices, and corporations. They provide content across all practice areas as well as access to primary and secondary materials, court decisions, legislation, legal commentary, current and archived news, and more.

If you have branches of your company or law firm in other countries, Lexis Nexis also has a Full Service International edition. This service provides subscribers with access to their collection of international content which includes U.S. federal and state case law, statutes, and regulations; a full collection of U.K. primary law; and is also a complete source for Australia and New Zealand primary law.

Lexis Nexis also provides support materials to make their resources easy to understand. Their Full Service program also comes with Canadian legal terminology resources, so you can search Canadian legal words and phrases to better understand the materials.

Click here to learn more about their Quick Law Full Service resource or to book a free demonstration so you can see if it’s right for you and your business.

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