Why You Should Hire A Lawyer When You Have Legal Issues

The majority of us never need to hire a lawyer, and may not even be aware of what they do, or how they can help us. Unfortunately, a percentage of us will find ourselves on the wrong side of the law, and may wonder whether we need to hire some sort of legal representation. If you’ve never used a lawyer before, you might not know the advantages of hiring one, or how they can help. So, here are a few reasons it’s important to contact one as soon as you think you are in trouble.

Explaining your rights

You have many rights when you are arrested, and the police don’t always do a good job of explaining them. Therefore, it’s usually best to look for lawyers in Perth before you say anything to the authorities. Most law firms have a 24 hour service to cover arrests, and they will be able to explain things such as:

  • What you’ve been arrested for
  • The process that’s likely to happen
  • What evidence the police have against you
  • What you need to do during the questioning


While they can’t wave a magic wand and make the charges go away, they can often make the process fairer, and can sometimes minimise the charges against you.

Getting bail

Having a lawyer on your side will really help during the bail hearing. They’ll be able to explain why you need to be let out on bail, so you can avoid having to stay on remand until your court date. Criminal lawyers are excellent at putting their case forward, and can help you get a better outcome when you apply for bail.


Preparing for trial

If your case ends up going to trial, then legal representation is very important on the day, as well as in the run up to the trial date. Your lawyer will talk to you in-depth about what to expect, and will question you about your side of the story. They can then use this information to make an effective defence for you. If you are pleading not guilty then this could be because you made a genuine mistake, because of a misunderstanding, or for lots of reasons, and a lawyer will be able to confidently present the argument to a judge and jury, making it more likely you’ll get the best outcome.


You may have seen a lot of legal dramas and think that lawyers simply work in the courtroom. However, there’s much more to their job than that, and they advocate on your behalf so that your rights are respected. From the time you are arrested, up until sentencing and sometimes the appeal stage, there are lots of things your lawyer can do to help you out. More than anything, it’s good to know someone is on your side and that you can be honest with them, which makes the process of going to court much less scary.

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