Will Writing Services Also Offer Property Title Changes

When you are drawing up your last will and testament, it is a good idea to turn over the responsibilities to a will writer to ensure that your loved ones’ futures are fully safeguarded and protected. When you consider that £8 million of total property and money have gone directly to the government in a single year because people did not write a will, you need to make sure you contact a will writer to organise your affairs.

Other Services Provided by Will Writing Service Companies

Besides drafting last wills and testaments, will writing service providers also handle other related services, such as drafting power of attorneys, trusts, property protection trusts, and property title changes. Probate services, document services, and funeral planning are included in service offerings too.

Making a Property Title Change – Why It May Be Needed

When a will writing service offers all-inclusive services, you are able to ensure that your final wishes are fully honoured and met. For example, a property title ownership title change is one service that can be quite helpful when you are writing a will. By making the change, you can ensure that your beneficiaries receive your property without any difficulty.

For example, if you and your spouse jointly own your home, you may think you each own 50% of the property. In most situations, couples are joint tenants, which means both of them own 100% of the property. By making a property ownership title change with a will writing service in Cambridgeshire, both parties can become tenants in common. This makes the distribution of an estate simpler as each partner can leave their share of the property to whomever they wish in their will. This type of move also saves your beneficiaries from paying higher inheritance taxes if you and your partner are currently unmarried.

Assistance with Probate

If you are acting as an executor in a will, then you can also ask a will writing service to help you with your probate duties. Because you are personally liable for any debts, you need to seek professional advice. As an executor then, you can have the will writing service handle all of the responsibilities for you. You may also do the work and ask for assistance, as necessary. You can obtain advice from the service free of charge.

If you ask a solicitor or local banking institution to complete probate, you may pay as much as £8000 for a simple estate. So, it is in your best interest to have access to a will writing service that can help you with any probate questions or enquiries.

Appointing an LPA

If you go through a will writing service, you can also have them appoint a lasting power of attorney or LPA. This type of legal directive is established separate from a will. The LPA allows you to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf. Whether the reason is due to age, infirmity, or disability, an LPA gives you a measure of control in your final affairs. Even if you cannot represent yourself or make some of your final decisions, the person you appoint can perform these responsibilities for you.

As you can see, you have options when it comes to writing a will. Make sure you contact a service that knows all the intricacies involved in the drafting and executing of a will and managing any related documents and questions.

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