What are the Costs Involved in Applying for a Patent in Europe? Your Main Questions Answered

You may have a great idea or a great invention and you may want to have it registered under a patent to insure not only that you have full intellectual property, but that your invention also becomes a commercial good that can be sold and given to someone else when the right conditions arise. It’s good to have a patent for that invention; but you have to make sure it’s worth it.

Getting a patent costs money and time, and getting a patent may not always be as easy as it seems. Before you try to get a patent, consider first the various costs – and they can be expensive. Are you thinking about getting a patent? What are the costs involved in applying for a patent in Europe? Here are your main questions answered.

Some numbers

Just to throw a number out there: expect your patent to cost at least about €5000. If you want truly comprehensive protection, you may have to triple that amount (calculate about €15000). If you want to go further and have it count in most countries in the world, you can reach up to €30,000 to even €100,000. These numbers are not a joke – these numbers are based on statistics. Hence, it’s important you understand how patents work and what they can do for you. Never underestimate the costs, and make sure you have plenty of reasons for the patent application.

Some fees

Think about the following:

  • Application filing – €40
  • Request for examination – €350
  • Search report – €300

In other words, it’ll cost you at least €700 or more just to get the process started.

Attorney fees

You don’t necessarily need to hire an attorney, though it is recommended, as they can give you invaluable advice and save you a lot of time. Hourly rates are usually between €150 and €500.

Maintenance fees

There will be maintenance fees to be paid – they vary from year to year.

Rough estimates

A rough estimate of the minimum cost of your patent: €5000. Getting a European patent will cost you at least twice that much. To have a better idea of your overall cost, make use of the available patent software such as a cost estimator – it can truly help you ascertain how much you may have to spend.

Of course, it is possible to reduce those fees – choosing the right patent attorney will make a big difference. Getting a representative whose expertise is in your field will ensure you don’t spend so much time explaining every single detail, and you’ll get a much better service too. Moreover, patent offices usually are cheaper when dealing with small entities and individual investors, and this can make a big difference. Be smart, know what will be expected of you, and choose the right legal assistance.

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